Our aims and objectives

EDA believes that European citizens who experience depression have a right to appropriate treatment and effective social support to improve their well-being, life chances and employment prospects, wherever they live across the European Union. EDA’s mission focuses on 3 key areas:

Awareness raising and promoting citizens rights
Our aim is an end to discrimination and promote the full social inclusion of European citizens who experience depression. We work with the media, the general public, and other partners to challenge stigma and promote a better understanding of depression.

Improving healthcare and treatment
We want to promote access to the highest quality healthcare across the European Union. We do this by working with scientific communities, patient groups and healthcare professionals across Europe, and by sharing best practices amongst our own members. We encourage the participation of national scientific communities; promoting continuing education in the area of mood disorders for European medical practitioners; supporting other research studies and educational programmes at European level, and creating a centralised resource for European depression information.

Policy development
We aim to become a key stakeholder in the European policymaking process, and a vital link to the daily experience of European citizens with depression.

The WHO reports that by 2020 depression is set to become the second biggest health burden after cardiovascular disease, which is why it needs to be high on the EU’s healthcare agenda. This year’s European Depression Day will ask policymakers to consider the impact of depression on the workforce and charge them with prioritizing depression in all policies and legislation affecting workers and workplace safety, such as in the future European Strategy on Health and Safety at Work.